Useful Care Tips for Your Eyewear As Suggested By Optometrists in Arbour Lake

Caring for your eyes simply does not end with a trip to the Arbour Lake optometrists or picking your new set of eyewear in Arbour Lake. It continues with the correct care and maintenance of your new eyeglasses. To ensure your eyes receive a high level of care while maintaining healthy vision, it is imperative that you maintain the prescription spectacles. This way, you can expect them to provide you with the essential help you need.

Below are useful tips recommended by Arbour Lake optometrists for keeping your prescription eyewear in good shape for a longer period of time?

  1. Do Not Put Your Eyewear on Your Head

When you get into the habit of putting your glasses on your head, you will cause them to stretch, which leads to the need for frequent readjustments, not to mention the high risk of dropping the eyewear and breaking them.

  1. Do Not Put Your Eyewear Face Down

Putting your eyewear face down is risky because doing so increases the risk of scratching the lenses. Even though most modern glasses have scratch resistant coating on them, you should never assume that they are completely scratch proof.

  1. Put Your Glasses In A Case When Not Wearing Them

Ladies, you shouldn’t just toss your eyewear into your purse. Doing so exposes the lenses to the risk of getting scratches. Instead, you should place your eyewear in a case, as this helps to keep them safe.

  1. Clean Your Eyewear

It is advisable that you use cleaning spray and wipe your glasses using a wet cloth. Microfiber or 100% cotton is suitable for cleaning glasses. Do not use paper towel or Kleenex to wipe or clean them. Remember, the aforementioned items are made up of components that can easily cause scratches on the lenses.

  1. Take Your Prescription Glasses For Tightening And Maintenance

Note that optometrists notice some of the critical things that you might miss, thanks to their technical know-how and training. While carrying out performance routines on your eyewear frames, your optician or optometrist will ensure that they fit you perfectly, tighten the screws, and make the necessary adjustments. They also replace the nose-pads just to make sure your glasses remain comfortable enough for your needs and in excellent working order. Arbour Lake optometrists highly recommend that you take your eyewear for regular maintenance to keep them in good shape.

  1. Aerosols Including Hairspray And Deodorants Strip The Essential Coating From The Lenses

You should only apply hairspray and other hair products before wearing your eyeglasses. These beauty products are produced using chemicals that could potentially breakdown the anti-reflective coating and other coatings applied to the lenses. The products can also cause extensive damage to the frames, as well.

If you are not sure about the current condition of your eyewear in Arbour Lake, you should visit any of the reputable local optometrists for a comprehensive check-up. Remember, you need to visit the Arbour Lake optometrists on a regular basis so that they can perform the recommended maintenance. This way, you can expect your eyewear to last longer.

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