Reasons Why You Should Get Routine Eye Exams in Calgary

Routine, comprehensive eye exams in Calgary are very important and they can help detect vision issues, eye disease, as well as general health complications before there are apparent symptoms. It is advisable that adults have comprehensive eye exams every one to two years. Eye demands today are bigger than they have ever been. Ensuring that your eyes are able to face those challenges is the work of an optometrist. This eye doctor will conduct comprehensive exams and advise you on the best course of action. If you need to use glasses or contact lenses to correct an eye problem, your optometrist will advise you accordingly. Here are some reasons why you should see an optometrist for routine eye exams:

Digital Eye Strain

Just about everything you do today involves a screen: phones, computers, game consoles, tablets, televisions, e-readers. Use of digital gadgets has changed one of the basic eye functions – how you blink. It should be noted that blinking is crucial for proper eye health. When you blink, your eyes release a lubricating substance from the tiny glands along your eyelids to help in slowing the evaporation of tear film over the eye. When staring at your screens, you blink slower than normal. When you do not blink regularly, those glands are not used properly and they can clog up. This causes the tear film to evaporate quickly and you end up having dry eye symptoms.

Sun Damage

This is another reason why you should have routine eye exams in Calgary. You are constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. Sun damage is more closely related to skin cancer, but the damage to your eyes is just as noteworthy. It is important to wear UV blocking sunglasses. During your routine eye exam, your eye doctor normally screens for potential threats from sun exposure as well as cataracts and macular degeneration.


While not everyone has allergies, they are on the rise due to increased allergen and pollen counts. If you suffer from hay fever and other allergies, you know how susceptible the eyes are to itching, redness, burning, and general irritation.

These symptoms can be managed with the help of a reliable eye doctor. Your eye doctor can ensure that you are not accidentally making the damage worse. They will also prescribe medicine to help you manage.

Vision Correction

Vision problems, farsightedness, and nearsightedness need routine eye exams in Calgary from your optometrist. First, you want to ensure that you have correct vision and that your prescription is current. Second, if you are wearing contact lenses, your optometrist needs to monitor your eye’s health carefully. The fact is, wearing contact lenses comes with some risks. They can reduce the amount of oxygen on the eye surface and can interfere with the lubricating glands already mentioned. With routine eye exams, your optometrist checks the functioning of your eye.

In today’s digital world, it is important to go for routine eye exams in Calgary to ensure that your eyes are healthy. With routine checkups, you are sure to enjoy good health and proper vision.

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