Preparing For Your Visit to an Optometrist in Calgary

Visiting a Calgary eye centre for an eye exam is a stressful experience for some people. We all have our own concerns about visiting an optometrist and more so when we have reason to be concerned. Having said that, we wish to pass along some suggestions from personal experiences that will certainly come in handy for your next visit to an optometrist for an eye exam in Calgary.

The Basics

  • Take along a close family member or friend you trust – Whoever you choose to take on this visit should be able to listen keenly to your eye doctors’ suggestions and ask questions. In such situations, you might be distressed by the eye doctor’s diagnosis to the point that you might stop listening simply because you are distraught.
  • Ask the eye doctor if you can record the session – When you visit a Calgary eye centre, you might get overwhelmed by the information. Therefore, recording the visit means you can digest the information later on.
  • Be involved in the scheduling – When it comes to diagnosing or tracking the progress of eye conditions, appointments and tests are critical components. You may request to have these scheduled together and check that the tests for your eye exam in Calgary are ready by the time you go for your next specialist appointment. Note that information could easily be lost between labs and doctors’ offices.

The Optometrist Visit

  • Almost always, dilation of the eyes is done by the eye doctor – This is done by using eye drops for a comprehensive, thorough eye exam. As a result, you might experience blurred vision, some discomfort, and increased glare. For your own comfort, bring a pair of sunglasses.
  • Understand and expect matter-of-factness – Most optometrists have lots of valuable expertise and scientific knowledge. However, their bedside manners could do with a kinder touch. The specialists work in busy research centres and practices. Therefore, you should take note that some of the doctors apply more matter-of-factness than a friendly approach. Even so, it does not mean that the specialists do not care.
  • Seek support – It might take some time before a specialist can provide a diagnosis for your condition. Since there is a likelihood that you might visit several specialists before you get some definitive diagnosis, the idea of not knowing is something you must learn to cope with. Therefore, find emotional support from a support group, counsellor, or family doctor.
  • Timelines – Ask the specialist for the estimated timelines showing the progression of your eye condition, including what you can expect. Your loss of vision may not necessarily be total, and if you suffer the effects of a degenerative eye disease, you’ll still have many more years of your usable vision and time to make adjustments and adapt to your condition.

Before you visit your local Calgary eye centre, you might want to consider implementing the above-mentioned tips, especially if you feel anxious. By consulting a reputable optometrist, you can look forward to a successful eye exam in Calgary. Consequently, you need to choose your eye doctor carefully.

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