Orthodontic Care in Calgary – The Right Choice for Your Child

An office providing services for orthodontics in Calgary may not offer the same quality of care for a child as they do for adults. When choosing a kid’s dentist office that performs orthodontic care, always make sure this is an area of concern. As a parent, not only do you want to take your child to the top-rated kid’s dentist in Calgary, but also an office that is renowned for pediatric care. When it comes to meeting the care needs of your child in terms of orthodontics in Calgary, consider these factors when choosing the best clinic for them.

1. It’s more than teeth straightening –
A pediatric orthodontist will get this. Yes, wearing braces will straighten the teeth; however, this isn’t all they are good for. If your child’s overbite is too pronounced, braces can help. If they have gaps, braces can close them. If the jaw growth isn’t properly developing, bring on the braces. Choosing the best pediatric team will allow specialists to determine the appropriate method of care and how to properly place braces for optimal results in your kids.

2. Screening is key –
Even if their teeth are straight and well developed, early screening is something parents should always do. Taking your child to a pediatric orthodontist at the age of seven will help avoid potential issues or growth problems as they age. Their first molars come in at this age, so if needed, the specialist can perform work early on to prevent future problems for your child. Orthodontic intervention can also help prevent issues like overcrowding or improper growth in the mouth, as well.

3. Recommendations and second opinions –
If you have a friend whose child wears braces, ask where they take their kids. Use online reviews and recommendation sites. Ask your dentist or your child’s dentist. In addition to recommendations, it is always worth getting a second opinion. Not only does it provide you with more than one course of action you can possibly take, but it also allows you to find the team you feel is best qualified to care for your child. And, you can also compare pricing in this way. When you do all this, you will get a better idea of your child’s care needs and find the best deal. Its a win-win for you as a parent. You know your kids are well cared for, and you save a few bucks along the way, too.

Braces aren’t cheap. Braces, however, aren’t always the solution, even if you feel your kids teeth aren’t growing in straight or developing as they should. Visiting a pediatric specialist is well worth the cost you are going to pay, as it will help in tooth development and healthy oral development for your child. Additionally if they do have to wear braces at an older age you already have a specialist in line to place the braces as they get older. A general orthodontic office isn’t always the best place to go for pediatric care. Make sure you consider these factors which will allow you to choose the best office and best specialist to provide orthodontic care for your child.

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