Five Procedures Done by Cosmetic Dentists in Lethbridge

Cosmetic dentistry is a technique used by experts for your oral care. This mainly focuses on improving the appearance of the client’s teeth, mouth, and smile. Some common procedures done by cosmetic dentists in Lethbridge are simple; however, others are a bit more complicated and might involve intensive care.


Inlays and Onlays

Some people can refer to these as indirect fillings. In most cases, they are used when a tooth has mild decay and the tooth structure in place is not enough to support a filling. So long as the harm is not on the tooth cusps, the inlay is positioned straight onto the tooth surface. When the damage is on a significant part of the tooth, in this case, an onlay is used as a substitute to protect the entire surface.

Dental laboratories make inlays and onlays from the merged resin material. These materials are then attached to the teeth using adhesive dental cement. Their main function is to provide support to the teeth, maintain their original shape and avoid further decay of the tooth, while at the same time limiting the occurrence of sleep apnea in the individual.


Teeth whitening

With time and age, teeth naturally become dark. However, different types of foods and other habits can also cause further darkening of the tooth, such as coffee, berries, smoking, and black tea. Teeth whitening, therefore, are the process of restoring the natural white colour of teeth using peroxide-based materials. According to cosmetic dentists in Lethbridge, this is one of the most efficient ways to whiten stained and discoloured teeth.



Tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth from its socket in the bone. There are some reasons that can prompt dentists to consider tooth extraction, the most common being severe decay or in the case of a broken tooth. However, extraction is usually the final option after fillings and other options have failed.

Some teeth block others from growing; hence they have to be extracted to make room for more teeth to grow. Failure to do this, in most cases, causes sleep apnea in the affected individual. Wisdom teeth are the most extracted when a person is in their 20s.


Dental implants

Cosmetic dentists in Lethbridge also advocate for dental implants in case an individual wants to replace his missing teeth. This process is achieved by substituting the missing tooth with titanium post topped with a replacement tooth that is placed as closely as possible to your natural tooth. This gives the individuals a healthy tooth replacement that behaves like a natural tooth that allows one to smile and eat with a lot of confidence.


Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a practice that should be applied to everyone. Dentists should promote the culture of teeth cleaning among all individuals. This activity helps one to have a brighter smile. Additionally, it also makes an individual have fresh breath, and can also significantly reduces the instance of sleep apnea during sleep. Fewer cavities and decreased likelihood of developing gum disease are also other benefits of cleaning your teeth. Dentists should, therefore, equip their clients with the best brushing and flossing techniques that will clean their teeth most effectively.


Finally, make sure that you incorporate the cost of any of these procedures into your budget to avoid any inconveniences down the road. If the procedure is not essential or crucial, you should not forget the most important obligations in order to undergo it.

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