Dental Implants in Mississauga

Invisalign has become a popular alternative to conventional and traditional braces. This is attributed to the fact that it can correct various dental issues, like overbites and crowding, discreetly. This technology corrects the dental problems by the help of some clear retainers. Not only does Invisalign work to improve your smile, it also works to improve your confidence, self-esteem and overall physical health.

In addition to being almost invisible (almost, because if one is keen, they can notice them) and comfortable, Invisalign also provides you with the convenience of reduced dental visits.

Now, if you are considering Invisalign as the corrective treatment for your dental problem, you will have lots of questions. This article is here to present you with answers to some of these questions.Having them answered will help you move on with your orthodontic experience

Can you use Invisalign after dental implants?

If you had teeth implants in the past and are now considering Invisalign in Mississauga, you might be wondering if it is possible. If the answer is yes, you will probably want to know if the process is any different.

Now, every dental case is different. But, most likely you will qualify for Invisalign in Mississauga. In addition to this, Invisalign can be used after one has had fillings, crowns, and bridges in the past. However, you should note that the treatment you undergo may include some compromise. The compromises you will have to make will depend on your situation. The dentist will ensure you understand the reasons for the compromises before the treatment starts.

Also, you should know that it is better to get Invisalign first and then have dental implants installed after your teeth are corrected into their final position. Why? Well, once installed, dental implants are permanent. It is slightly difficult to move them to a different position.

Long story short, while it is not the best option to have dental implants before dental correction, the treatment is possible. The dental implants will not prevent the other teeth from being moved. If you are in this situation, it is always advisable that you discuss the options and the outcomes you desire with your dentist. A professional dentist will provide proper guidance on the outcome, bearing in mind that the dental implants cannot move the way your actual teeth can.

That said, the position of the dental implants also plays a big role in the complexity of your Invisalign treatment. Say, for instance, your dental implant is at the back of the mouth, and
you only need the alignment of the front teeth. This treatment can be carried out with no regard for the dental implant.


In other cases, dental implants Mississauga are used as anchors to help other teeth to move into position. This latter situation is more common than you would think.

If you need to get Invisalign, it is advisable that you seek advice from a professional dentist today. Sure, reading this will shed some light on the matter, but this piece does not replace the
need for a dentist or orthodontist. Working with a professional will ensure that you get the best possible results. That said, take your time to choose the best orthodontist or dentist for the procedure.

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