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Animal Health Services in Etobicoke

Apart from being a source of food and raw materials, animals are also a source of comfort and satisfaction. However, poor health can compromise the production of your animal. An animal hospital in Etobicoke will provide a wide range of small and large animal health services that include the following:


What you give your animal has a big impact on its health and comfort. Etobicoke animal specialists are certified small and large animal nutritionists. These experts will advise you on the best food for mental, emotion, and physical growth of your pet. Besides, the specialist will also advise you on the best food to improve your animal’s productivity and longevity.

Cardiology Services

Cardiology health is a very important part of medical services for animals such as dog, horses, cats, and other animals, as it is used to examine and treat diseases such as vascular, heart, and lung diseases. Cardiology deals with common abnormalities, such as arrhythmias, cardiac pace-maker implantation, and repair of cardiac defects. The veterinary hospital in Etobicoke has the best and the latest cardiology equipment to ensure your animal is well-treated.


A veterinary hospital in Etobicoke that is focused on animal behaviour is dedicated to helping animals and their owners to live together safely and comfortably. Behaviours such as excess aggression, separation anxiety, destructiveness and elimination problems can adversely impact your animal. Animal behavioural specialists can diagnose and treat behavioural problems through several techniques such as medication, animal learning, and behaviour modification.

Comprehensive Cancer Care

Cancer is among the leading cause of deaths in pets. Animal hospitals in Etobicoke combine the collaborative expertise of the renowned experts in internal medicine, surgery, radiology, medical oncology, intervention radiology, pain management and many other support services for animal owners. Any good veterinary hospital in Etobicoke offers a patient-centered and team-based approach to pet cancer therapy so that all aspects of your animal’s well-being are considered and then diagnosed and treated.

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

The oral health of your pet is very important as it can significantly impact on animals’ comfort and general health. For example, a problem such as a tooth ache can deter your animal from feeding. Etobicoke animal specialists offer a full range of animal oral diagnosis and treatment including radiology, tooth extraction, periodontal surgery, dental cleaning, oral examination, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, maxillofacial and oral trauma management, maxillofacial and oral cancer surgery, and temporo-mandibular joint surgery. The specialists also offer facial reconstruction for pets, including palate surgery, salivary gland surgery, microsurgery, and oral medicine.

Dermatology and Allergy

Animal hospitals in Etobicoke have specialists on hand who will evaluate your animal for all types of ear canal, skin, hair and nail disorders. The veterinarians will treat both large and small animals for dermatology and allergic disorders.

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Safeguarding the health of your animal is important, as it improves lifespan and comfort. Thus, it is important to have a regular checkup by a specialist. However, with so many animal specialists in Etobicoke, choosing the right services provider can be a daunting task. As a rule of the thumb, charges should not determine the person you will trust with your animal. Check reviews from friends and colleagues first.

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