Straighten Your Smile with the Right Winnipeg Orthodontic Care


Do you have crooked teeth or a gap which has to be closed? Do you grind your teeth at night, causing pain or discomfort? If so, an orthodontist is the professional you must visit in terms of dental care. Which office is going to perform the best care and help improve your teeth’s look and your dental health?


You have to know the answers to these questions to determine who will be the best orthodontist for your specific needs. Protect your teeth with the proper guard-


Mouth guards are used to help protect the teeth from wear and tear. Many people grind their teeth at night. Some reasons for this include stress, a pronounced jaw, under or over-bite, or inability to breath properly. Regardless of the reason, a professionally made and fitted mouth guard is the solution. An orthodontist will not only create molds for the teeth, but will also properly fit and ensure a tight, comfortable finish for your new guard.


Improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile-


If it is more of a cosmetic issue, where braces and the use of retainers in Winnipeg are required, an orthodontist is going to provide this care, as well. After you remove the braces, retainers in Winnipeg are going to be used at night (or during the day) to help with the transition. Why do some patients require a retainer for daily use? Some reasons include:

To help avoid shifting after braces are removed.

To help align and finish the work after braces are removed.

To provide stability at night and maintain proper alignment.


For certain patients, a retainer is required once braces are removed and for others, this is not the case. Regardless of your situation, you need to visit a well informed and fully licensed orthodontist to help choose the appropriate treatment plan for you.


Additional services –


Many orthodontic clinics offer a wide range of services. In addition to fitting patients for braces or retainers, or making mouth guards, they can also offer Invisalign. This is a clear solution to traditional metal braces. The treatment is far shorter, not as painful, and can deliver excellent results. Many patients need custom guards or dental dams, as well. An orthodontist can fit these and make the mold for patients who require this type of mouth piece.


When it comes to deciding where to go for your cosmetic and orthodontic care, there are several local offices one can visit. Depending on the age of the patient, type of work they need done, and the patient’s budget, you will find several great offices you can visit for care. If you are not sure where to go, it is important to compare several orthodontic offices and professionals prior to choosing one. This not only allows you to compare treatment plans and costs, but also their credentials and experience in the field, as well.


No two patients will require the exact same care. When having orthodontic work done, it is important to visit the best specialist for the type of work you require. In order to ensure you choose the right office and the best professional, the above-mentioned tips are some ways to narrow down dental care options in Winnipeg.

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