A Regular Eye Exam Is Essential For Healthy Eyes in Edmonton

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It is important that you have an eye exam on a regular basis. This is especially important for kids. Children should have an eye exam in Edmonton from as early as six months. At the ages of three and six years their eyes should be tested again. Regular vision exams are very important all through their life, especially when your child gets to high school. If you suspect that your daughter or son has an eye problem, do not hesitate; take them to an optometry clinic for an eye exam as soon as possible. Babies that are born premature often get eye problems as they grow, so they need eye exams more regularly than children born mature. Children with a family history of eye problems are also at risk of suffering hereditary vision issues, so they should have frequent eye check-ups, as well.

In adults, the frequency of vision exams will vary with age. Adults who are older than 40, with normal vision, should have an eye exam in Edmonton every two or three years. However, those who wear contacts or glasses should have an eye exam every year. Such people should choose a reliable optometry clinic from which they can get the required eye exam.

People with diabetes or hypertension should have an eye exam every year. Adults over forty years with either of these conditions should have their eyes exams every 2 years, while those aged over sixty years should go to an optometry clinic once a year for an eye examination. People older than sixty years can be susceptible to cataracts, presbyopia and macular degeneration.

When choosing an optometry clinic to get your eye exams from, ensure that you conduct some research to find a good one. A good clinic will be able to offer comprehensive eye examinations that can help the optometrist know whether or not you are suffering from any eye condition. These tests will also be able to tell if you are at a risk of suffering from an eye problem. A good clinic will have friendly staff members who will be friendly and helpful.

A regular eye exam in Edmonton involves the eye doctor noting down the details of your family’s eye history, far and near sight testing, eye co-ordination, and an internal and external inspection of both eyes. If you already wear glasses or contacts, these will be checked, as well. The cost of eye examination can normally be claimed from your health insurance.

Just like any other organ, your eyes should be taken good care of. To maintain healthy eyes, you should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and take mineral and vitamin supplements. Lack of vitamins, such as Vitamin A, can result in problems, such as night blindness. Also, when going outside in bright unlight, wear UV protected sunglasses.

To maintain good health, it is advisable to avoid some unhealthy practices, such as smoking. Heavy smoking for a long time can make a person prone to macular degeneration. The best way to maintain good vision is to practice healthy habits and to visit an optometry clinic regularly.


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