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Professional Counselling and Related Therapies in Edmonton

If you have had a traumatic encounter or gone through an event that has adversely impacted your day-to-day life, you should turn to professional psychologists who can offer you the right counseling and therapies to help you move on with your life. If you need such assistance, there are counselling centres that are dedicated to providing people of all ages with professional counselling and other related treatments.

Professional Counselling and Related Therapies in Edmonton

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder or any other psychological condition, there are well-staffed counselling centres in Edmonton that can help. They have very highly-trained psychologists that are skilled in different kinds of treatments. Once you have approached them with your issue, the experts will comprehensively assess it before determining the best approach that will help you overcome the problem and move forward. Whether you need EMDR therapy or professional child counselling in Edmonton, these centres can help. They offer:

1. Child Counselling in Edmonton

As a caregiver or parent, you should ensure that your child is protected from anything that might cause serious and long-term harm to them. Unfortunately, you may not be able to completely protect them from every misfortune that might cause them to be traumatized. Fortunately, these centres have qualified and caring counsellors that can work with your child in order to uncover the root cause of their problem and help them on the path towards their recovery.

2. EMDR Therapy in Edmonton

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMPR) is an advanced, empirically validated psychotherapeutic approach that is used to help people with depression, PTSD, addictions, anxiety, personality disorders and other psychological conditions. Ideally, when a person experiences a traumatic event and recounts it again and again, either in their sub-conscious or dreams, they may feel confused, panicked and disoriented, which may interfere with how they interpret sensations, words, sounds, smells and images. EMDR is an accelerated information processing technique that helps to unblock a person’s natural information processing system. The therapy enables the client to quickly recover from stress-inducing or painful experiences, especially those that are on constant replay.

3. Marriage Counselling

While family and marriage life often brings about happy and peaceful experiences, it can also be quite tumultuous and frustrating, especially if there is discord. If you have to cope with constant anxiety as a result of having a home in upheaval, you should consider going for professional family and marriage counselling. Whether you are newly married or have been in that marriage for several decades now, the experts will work with your unique situation in order to help you resolve your family disputes. The counsellors can help you to resolve issues around:

a) Intimacy
b) Parenting disputes
c) Financial difficulties
d) Conflict management
e) Lack of communication
f) Post-partum depression
g) Talks of divorce or separation

These centres can also offer psychological assessments and coaching, gestalt therapy, group therapy, premarital counseling, parent education/training, and sex therapy, among other services. Furthermore, their skilled psychologists and counsellors are very friendly and can personalize their services to your unique situation. Whether you need expert EMDR therapy or child counselling in Edmonton, these counselling centres can assist you.

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