Finding the Best IV Sedation Dentist in Courtenay


Finding the Best IV Sedation Dentist in Courtenay

The days of fearing a visit to the dentist’s office are long over. Sedation dentistry has emerged as a dental specialty, which caters to patients who experience anxiety or fear at the thought of visiting a dental clinic. For many people, visiting an IV sedation dentist in Courtenay is the best choice for a comforting dental experience.

Dentists who apply IV sedation in Courtenay perform their work while patients are under the effects of heavy anaesthesia. This type of heavy sedation is often reserved for extensive treatments, like several root canals or other dental procedures that could cause patients severe discomfort or pain. Regardless of the reason for it, with this kind of sedation, you can receive dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment, free from anxiety.

IV sedation in Courtenay is also commonly utilised by patients who have to drive themselves to the dental clinic. Oral sedation through anti-anxiety meds has to be taken up to an hour before your visit to the dentist, and might make driving difficult or impair your judgement. But, with IV sedation, patients can relax at the dental clinic until they are fully conscious and feel awake enough to drive.

How to Find a Sedation Dentist in Your Area

Sedation dentistry practices are normally listed alongside other kinds of dentists in resources like the phone book or on search engines. Conducting an online search can help you find one near you. If you have seen a regular or cosmetic dentist recently, they might be able to refer you to a good IV sedation dentist in Courtenay.

Simply calling local dentists that accept your dental insurance is also a good way to find a reliable sedation dentist in your area. Ensure that you ask if they perform intravenous procedures, since many sedation dentists only provide light sedation, such as laughing gas and sedatives. Understand that IV sedation in Courtenay requires the services of a dental anaesthesiologist, which is billed on top of and apart from dental fees associated with the procedure. Your dental visit might be covered, but most insurance providers do not cover any costs for sedation assistance or treatments.

Finding a dentist who offers IV sedation might not be easy, as they are rare in some areas. Only a few dentists are certified to perform dental procedures on patients under heavy sedation. IV sedation is the strongest type of dental sedation, and therefore requires dentists to undergo additional training. You should be prepared to look beyond your immediate local area for a sedation dentist that suits your needs.

Who Else Should Visit an IV Sedation Dentist?

While visiting sedation dentists seems most appealing for patients who are afraid of dental visits, they are not the only ideal candidates. Patients who have strong gag reflexes often visit a sedation dentist in Courtenay, as do patients who are prone to movement disorders and seizures. Dental patients who need extensive work done in a short time are also good candidates for IV sedation in Courtenay.

Visits to the dentist do not have to be painful or difficult. With options such as anaesthesia and IV sedation, you can nap in comfort while your dentist in Courtenay works, and then wake up with attractive, healthy teeth.

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