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When it comes to dental emergencies, a local emergency dental clinic, rather than a general dentist, is the first place you should turn. Due to the fact that it is an emergency, this means an emergency dentist or surgeon should be the one to perform the dental care. Furthermore, in certain instances, such as having a chipped, knocked out, or lost tooth, cosmetic dentistry care might also be required. Luckily, many clinics that specialize in emergency care are also going to have a team of cosmetic dentistry specialists, ready to perform all the necessary cosmetic work.

Why visit an emergency care provider? –
You might think a tooth that is chipped can wait until Monday morning. But, depending on where the chip is, the severity, or if it reaches the root, this is far from the case. As a matter of fact, this might result in a situation which a dentist isn’t capable of repairing if you don’t treat it immediately. The same goes with pain that won’t go away, numbing, or other severe pain you feel at the extremities. You never know when an emergency will turn out to be more than just a little pain. So, if it is consistent, gets worse, and you can’t deal with the discomfort, it is time to visit an emergency dental office.

When you visit an emergency dental clinic, rather than a general dental office, they can:
– Do all the emergency prep work, and immediately provide the right form of care.
– Work with a dedicated team of cosmetic dentists, emergency specialists, and surgeons, if needed.
– Provide more than one form of care, depending on the type of and severity of the emergency.

It is also a better idea to visit an emergency dental clinic, rather than a general office, because they will have the right dental equipment and tools in place. If they need to do an emergency root canal, use sedatives, or require other specialized dental equipment, these offices are more likely to have it in place, as opposed to a general dental office, which usually does not maintain these emergency dental tools in their offices.

Some minor discomfort does not mean it’s an emergency. But, if this is consistent, gets worse, or if it is causing you discomfort and pain in other areas of the mouth or body, this might be an emergency dental condition that has to be dealt with as soon as possible. No matter what the emergency, when it is something you can’t treat, or can’t wait until the next business day to treat, an emergency dental team should be contacted immediately, so they can perform the necessary care. The sooner you act, the less likely it is that permanent damage will occur. And, the sooner you visit a specialist to do the emergency work, the better the chances are they can avoid the need for surgery, or other major cosmetic work down the line.

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