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Dentures Versus Dental Implants in Fort McMurray

If you have tooth decay or are missing some teeth, you are aware that you need to undergo some cosmetic dental procedures. By now, you probably are weighing some of the pros and cons of the different cosmetic procedures available including dentures and dental implants. While both will provide you with the same results – a great and beautiful smile – your choice of which is best will depend on a host of factors. To help you make your choice, below is all you need to know about dental implants in Fort McMurray and dentures in Fort McMurray.


Dentures are informally referred to as false teeth. These are teeth fitted to a custom-made mouthpiece that fits your gums with the help of a denture adhesive. While dentures will get the job done, they do have an adjustment period. Dentists always recommend one starts off with soft foods. Also, with dentures, you will need to practice speaking for a few weeks. This will get rid of the slur in your speech.
It is not uncommon to find that some individuals, those who have had dentures for a long time, still experiencing some discomfort when speaking or eating courtesy of the dentures shifting. For those who get partial dentures, there is the risk of developing tooth decay in the once healthy teeth next to the dentures. But this only happens when they are not properly fitted. It is for these reasons that most people are not so in love with dentures. However, for those who have unhealthy gums or weak jaws, dentures will prove to be the best option.

Dentures were created decades ago. Ever since, they have experienced great change. They have developed and evolved into better and more human-friendly dental solutions. In the 21st century, dentures are surprisingly strong and look surprisingly natural. But even while the quality of dentures in Fort McMurray has come a long way, when your cosmetic dentist suggests that you have dentures instead of implants, you should seek to know the reason why.

Do not forget that dentures have the potential to cause additional damage to the surrounding teeth and the gum as well. This is because they make these areas all the more susceptible to tooth decay.

Dental implants in Fort McMurray

Basically, these are false teeth (natural looking) that cosmetic dentists surgically install into the jaw. With the proper maintenance and frequent visits to your cosmetic dentist, implants can last for a long time. Unlike dentures that are designed to replace multiple teeth, with implants, you can decide to get a single one. For this reason, many people have fallen in love with dental implants.

While they do not require the use of adhesives, this treatment option is only available for individuals with healthy gums and teeth. Dentists recommend implants as they are comfortable and natural, and they do not damage the surrounding gums and teeth.

Sounds like the perfect solution, right? Well, before you dive right in, you should note that they are expensive. And the worst part is that many insurance plans do not cover all the costs involved in this dental treatment option. Nonetheless, dental implants in the right individual can be a long-lasting, safe and comfortable solution.

With the above information, you can now make an informed decision as to which dental solution is best for you. But, in any case, be sure to seek professional advice, as well.

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