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      1. Wuxi Binhu Trading Co., Ltd.


        Wuxi Binhu Trading Co., Ltd.

        A comprehensive company specializing in chemical trade

        A private enterprise engaging in various chemical raw materials

      2. Business & Products

        Chemical Dept. I
          Product name Producing area Specifications Use
        Glacial acetic acid Domestic 200KG/drum

        Mainly used in organic synthesis, synthetic fiber, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other industries.

        Polyethylene Shanghai Jinfei 25KG/bag

        Uses: Communication cable insulation.

        Polyethylene Qilu 25KG/bag

        Uses: Communication cable insulation.

        EVOH high barrier Chuanwei 25kg/bag

        Widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, daily chemical products, etc.

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