The Cost of Various Dental Procedures in Kingston

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There are many oral injuries that happen on a daily basis. These can have an overwhelming impact on people’s lives, from the way they eat, to the way they associate with people and smile in general. In fact, some people avoid associating with others simply because of their dental problems. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can rest assured in the miracle of cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dentist is well-trained and experienced in virtually all types of dental work, resulting in the improvement of the general appearance of bites, teeth and gums. Its main focus area is the improvement of dental aesthetics in terms of shape, color, size, alignment, position, as well as the appearance of the smile.

Before running to a cosmetic dentist in Kingston, you should first evaluate the costs you are likely to incur depending on the type of procedure you would like done. One emergency dentist in Kingston will have varying rates from another, depending on the location and type of clients being served. For example, an emergency dentist in Kingston located in the suburban area serving high-end clients is likely to charge more because that particular clientele has the financial muscle.

The following is a general template on the cost that a cosmetic dentist is likely to charge depending on the type of service that you require:

Teeth Whitening

This adds up as one of the cheapest and simplest dental procedures aimed at getting back that killer smile. Teeth whitening can be achieved by bleaching them using in-office products by your cosmetic dentist. You are likely to part with about $500 for his service. Nevertheless, you can order the gels and molds and do the bleaching at home. The cheaper option is to buy whitening products over the counter. They go for between $3 and $50.

Dental Bonding

This is a relatively complex procedure that requires great expertise. For this, you can expect to dig deeper into your coffers. A Putty-like resin which resembles the color of a tooth is normally applied to a given tooth followed by hardening using laser light, causing it to bond to the tooth. An emergency dentist in Kingston will then carefully shapes trim and polish it. The process of bonding is effective in repairing decayed, cracked, misshapen or chipped teeth. It is a relatively expensive procedure that will cost you anywhere between $100 and $400 for each tooth.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a resin or porcelain-like substances which are employed in covering the front surface of teeth. A dentist begins by removing half a millimeter of enamel from the surface of a given tooth and then bonding the veneers, thus changing their aesthetics. This process is quite expensive and goes for between $500 and $1300 for one tooth.

Inlays and Onlays

These are also referred to as indirect fillings and are normally made from porcelain, gold and other composite materials. They are used for filling damaged and decayed teeth. These are usually created in a dental lab and molded into place by a dentist. They cost is typically between $650 and $1,200 per tooth.

The dental crown goes for between $500 and $900 for each tooth, while implants will cost you up to $1250. Therefore, you need to be prepared financially for these procedures.


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