Cosmetic Care in Calgary – Can a General Dentist do it?


Dental implants, root canals, veneer placement and whitening work; these are just a few of the services that a good cosmetic dentist in Calgary will offer their patients. Many dental clinics and offices claim to do these services, but are their general dentists truly qualified in this care? Although it is offered in many offices, it is best to visit a specialist when doing these types of care or other cosmetic care. Why? These are some reasons to see a specialized cosmetic dentist in Calgary as opposed to a general dentist:

Ongoing research, ongoing training, and continual learning in the field. If there is a new way to space, place, or repair dental implants, a specialist will know about it. They are continually doing work in the field, meaning they are continually using the latest tools and dental equipment for their patients. A general dentist typically does not.

Cosmetic dentists are required to do training or recertification in order for them to remain in the field, and continually offer specialized care. This means they are continually learning the latest methods, techniques, and industry specialized work to offer patients a higher level of care. In turn, patients are receiving more specialized dental care, are having work done by those who fully understand cosmetic work and by those who do this type of care day in and out. A general dentist does not.

A general dentist does have some training in cosmetic work, but might not be fully qualified for all procedures. With this in mind, it is not work they do on a daily basis. It is not something they see each day, and it is not the type of care they are offering their patients on a daily basis. As is the case with any other specialized professional (lawyers, doctors, surgeons, etc) patients want to be seen by the very best. A general dentist simply can’t claim to be the best and most knowledgeable in this type of care.

Cosmetic offices are properly equipped. If there is new equipment to do repair, alignment, or other care for dental implants, they are going to have it. They are going to invest in top notch equipment and the newest equipment in the field. In turn, patients receive a better level of care, better equipment used for care, and this allows the specialist to properly do any type of work on the implant or other types of cosmetic care.

Practice makes perfect. This is not only true in other industries, but also applies to cosmetic dental care, as well. As a patient in need of cosmetic work, it is best to visit a specialist. Because they do the work daily, are aware of the changes and new techniques, and basically do this work each day, they are best qualified to render care. Although a general dentist can do some work, for more specialized care, it is best to visit the best specialists in the field. Not only does this result in a higher level of care and safer care, it also ensures the patient is going to see the results they desire.

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