How to Choose the Right Addictions Counsellor in Toronto

addictions counselling

Addiction is not a very easy thing to defeat. In order to overcome addiction, you have to control you mental and physical wellbeing. To overcome addictions you also need to look for addictions counselling in Toronto, which will help you do away with any habit you have. Having a well-trained individual to help you overcome the addiction will be very valuable. An addictions counsellor will help you by showing you how to love yourself, offer you dialogues by sharing feelings and thoughts with you, and teach you what to do for mental and physical nourishment. Here are some things that will help you find the best counsellor for you, your friend or a family member.

Know Your Needs

The first thing to do when looking for counselling in Toronto is to assess your needs. By knowing what your struggles are, you will know the kind of counsellor you require. This struggle might be with past trauma, addiction issues or a toxic relationship.

Look for Recommendations

Ask for referrals for a great counsellor from your close colleagues, neighbours or relatives. Some of these people may have hired a counsellor in the past to help them overcome addictions. But, when looking for recommendations, remember that a good therapist for one person might not be the best for you. You can also search on the Internet. Most counsellors have opened websites, on which they advertise the services that they offer. While on these websites, look at what their past patients say about them, and make sure to hire a counsellor who has great customer reviews.


When looking for someone to help you or a family member with addictions counselling in Toronto, you should at least have more than five counsellors on the list you made from those who were recommended to you. Counselling in Toronto needs someone who can keep secrets. Remember, a counsellor will know almost everything about you. For that reason, you have to speak to them before coming to a decision. Also during this interview, you will get some bids and you can hire a counsellor who offers the best bid for you. During the interview, make sure that the counsellor is friendly, as this will make it possible to be comfortable with them during counselling sessions. Also, they should be fluent when speaking with you.

Training and Licensing

Ensure that you hire someone who is a qualified counsellor from a well-known institution. Ask them to show you their license and certificates of qualification and see if the certificates are authentic. Local authorities also give counsellors licenses to operate in a given area. Make sure the counsellor you hire has this license. You can visit your local authority to check if the license presented is valid and genuine.

Follow Your Instincts

Remember that you will share personal information with your counsellor, spend a lot of time with them, and use your money to pay for the sessions. For that reason, hire someone whom you will be comfortable with and whom you trust. If you are uncomfortable with a potential counsellor, move on to another one.


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